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April 2021

Our COVID-19 precautions in detail

Health and well-being have always been NetJets' primary focus. See what that means in practice.
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. Unsurprisingly, the aviation industry has been especially impacted, with airports all over the world virtually grinding to a halt and commercial airlines struggling to cover their costs as passengers cancel their bookings.

But with an outstanding heritage and unrivalled investment in safety, NetJets has been well-equipped to pivot to a challenging new reality. Without dropping a beat, our Operations team and Safety and Security team developed a comprehensive plan to guide our response to the virus – and ensure the health and well-being of NetJets Owners and their guests. Here's how it works.

When you book

Our Owner Services team takes a proactive role in your booking. They review all flight details and, if necessary, will request additional information concerning your previous or future travel plans. This is to ensure that all medically appropriate questions regarding potential exposure and symptoms are cleared before the flight.

Thereafter, our Operations team consistently monitor active flight restrictions and keep Owners informed at all times so they can plan accordingly.

Before you fly

Your journey doesn't start when you fasten your seatbelt onboard the jet: it starts with your transit to the airport. That's why NetJets' Ground Transportation partners clean vehicles daily and disinfect them before and after each service. In addition, luggage is handled securely, protective equipment is used, and social distancing practices are observed – always.

All NetJets teams, crews, representatives, and partners are subject to regular health and temperature checks. We have also optimised operations so that flight crew need not leave the aircraft during the screening and boarding process, which has been finessed to be efficient and contactless but also incorporate additional screening questions to minimise risk onboard. At NetJets, no recently exposed or symptomatic passengers are authorised to board the aircraft.

Onboard the aircraft

Contained spaces present special challenges during this pandemic, so we have focused all our experience and expertise into our onboard health and safety measures. For instance, onboard catering is key part of the flight experience, so NetJets has imposed strict standards on our caterers. The Owner Services team can recommend box selection menus for shorter flights, thus reducing bulk packaging and in-flight interactions.

We have also reviewed our aircraft seating capacity, including recommended seating configurations for Owners that travel with passengers outside of their households. Thermometers are available onboard every aircraft – as well as masks and sanitisers for passengers – and Owners can even request not to have cabin crew onboard.

NetJets aircraft are cleaned after every flight with onboard disinfectant that has been proven to be effective against COVID-19. Beyond that, a deep clean is scheduled every two days with our authorised cleaning vendors. We also carry out an even more extensive cleaning process that includes disinfection fogging and the application of special antibacterial products to maintain a disinfected cabin over longer periods of time.

Fact check: In-flight air quality

There's a common misconception among travellers that the same air is simply re-circulated for the duration of an entire flight. But it simply isn't true. All NetJets aircraft replace cabin air with fresh, outside air every two to four minutes. By comparison, most office buildings only do this every 15 to 20 minutes.

Direct support from a healthcare leader

NetJets leaves nothing to chance. That's why our healthcare partner, MedAire, is included in regular meetings with NetJets' leadership to help monitor of the ongoing situation, provide relevant operational updates, and make informed recommendations to safeguard our Owners, staff, and partners.

But MedAire doesn't only focus on cleaning, screening, and prevention. In the event of an in-flight emergency, our crews contact MedAire directly to ensure instant onboard support and immediate attention upon landing. If, for example, it's better to treat the patient on the ground, critical care doctors will recommend a diversion to the flight crew while local emergency services are dispatched to meet the aircraft when it lands. If this happens while travelling in countries with inadequate medical infrastructures, Owners have access to dozens of clinics owned and operated by International SOS.

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