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At NetJets, we are committed to making travel as simple as possible for you. From ensuring that you have access to a jet for your precise needs every time, to perfectly coordinating your personalised service on-board, we make sure your entire travel process is seamless from start to finish.

An important element of our promise of ease and simplicity is our policy on ferry charges.

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What is a ferry charge?

A ferry charge is the extra fee most charter companies require to reposition aircraft in a ‘ferry flight’.

A ferry flight is a non-revenue flight for the purpose of repositioning an empty aircraft or returning it to its base. They are usually used by charter operators when an aircraft is required to leave its current location to pick up a passenger. Typically, charter operators will charge a ‘ferry charge’ for repositioning an aircraft for its clients.

Put simply, if an operator has to pick up a passenger from another location, it will have to fly an empty aircraft to pick up the passenger, generating no revenue in the process. An additional fee is then charged to the client to offset this cost.

Does NetJets have a ferry charge?

Thanks to the scale of our fleet and global operation, NetJets Owners rarely pay costly ferry charges. Our ferry waiver programme simplifies travel and eliminates this added expense, reducing the cost and complexity of your journey.

How our ferry charges are designed:
  • The NetJets programme has a designated Primary Operational Area (POA) where no ferry fees are applicable; this area covers the majority of Western Europe and North America
  • In addition to this, we have extended our ferry-free regions by designating Ferry Waiver Zones where no positioning fees are applicable, depending on aircraft type. This includes the Eastern Europe, as well as popular destinations in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America
  • If you’re travelling to areas located outside the POA or any Ferry Waiver Zones, you can still avoid the positioning charges using the Multi-Day Itinerary (MDI) prerogative.
All of the above means that our clients will very rarely, if ever, be expected to pay ferry charges, enjoying unrivalled ferry-free global coverage. 
Alongside waived ferry charges, clients receive a number of additional operational benefits. For example, they have access to the world’s largest available fleet of private jets, and are able to request an aircraft type outside of the one they own, chartering a larger or smaller aircraft tailored to their needs.

Most NetJets Owners transition to our Shared Ownership programme from either conventional charter services or whole aircraft ownership. Compared to each, NetJets provides an easier, more reliable, and flexible travel experience, enjoying extra benefits such as no ferry charges.

To find out more, contact our experts who will be happy to provide you with further information.

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