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You’ll sense it as your pilots personally inspect your jet prior to every flight. You’ll see it in our heightened safety measures and your pristinely sanitised cabin. And you’ll know the moment you land at your next destination. Our Owners’ safety permeates every decision, every investment and every role in our organisation.



All aircraft interiors are treated with an antimicrobial bar­rier that bonds to surfaces providing lasting protection from various bacteria, germs, and viruses like COVID-19. Its durability comes from the molecular bond it forms with surfaces once cured; however, as a safeguard, NetJets reapplies the product frequently.

To prevent viral spread and ensure passengers board a pristine, mission-ready aircraft, surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each flight. Any NetJets aircraft that return from a region identified by EASA as a high-risk area are immediately quarantined and disinfected.
  • NetJets has invested $20 million in aircraft cleaning (that’s more than some private jet charter companies have in annual revenue)
  • NetJets cabin air is replaced with fresh, outside air every 2-4 minutes (most office buildings do this every 15-20 minutes)
  • We researched nearly 100 disinfecting products before selecting the best product to clean our aircraft interiors
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Critical Questions To Ask Your Private Aviation Provider

When you’re comparing private aviation providers, it’s important to get honest answers to direct questions. 
Do you own, operate and manage every aircraft?
Do you employ and train your own pilots?
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  • 1

    Do you own, operate and manage every aircraft?

    If not, who does?
  • 2

    Do you employ and train your own pilots?

    If not, why not?
  • 3

    Do you welcome random safety audits from your customers?

    Or do you pay an audit company for their approval?
  • 4

    Do your pilots train in state-of-the-art flight simulators, testing their skills in challenging real-life scenarios, twice a year?

    If not, why not?
  • 5

    Do your pilots offer aircraft-specific expertise and fly only that model?

    If not, why not?
  • 6

    Do you have the financial stability and resources to continually invest in safety?

    If not, why not?
  • 7

    Do you insist on a dual-approval release procedure that aligns pilot with flight control safety expectations?

    If not, what procedure do you follow?
  • 8

    Are your pilots loyal to the company, with very little turnover?

    If not, how frequently do you rehire?
  • Our answer to each of these questions is, unequivocally, YES.
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“Safety is part of our company’s DNA. It’s not just a word. It’s not just a philosophy. It’s embedded in the way we do business every day.”
Richard Meikle VP of Safety, NetJetsQuote Closed
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Experience defines our

pilots and crew

You’ll see it in their attentive preflight inspection of your jet. You’ll hear it in your personal flight plan briefing with them. And you’ll feel it as your aircraft cruises confidently toward your destination, commanded by the most experienced and highly trained professionals in the industry.

Uniquely qualified.

Every NetJets pilot holds an EASA type rating for a specific aircraft, and that’s the only jet they fly. This means that they know their aircraft inside out and they can react instinctively to any situation.

A higher standard of training.

Our pilots sharpen their skills twice a year in state-of-the-art simulators that hone their knowledge and test their reactions to real-world flight scenarios based on information from flight data recorders. NetJets develops its own recurrent simulator training programme that is unique to NetJets and changes every 6 months; each programme includes input from the Safety, Standards, Flight Operations and Training teams.
Quote OpenSpend whatever it takes to be the safest and most secure. Then, spend whatever it takes to stay that way.Quote Closed
Warren Buffett Chairman and Chief Executive, Berkshire Hathaway
NetJets’ spotless, state-of-the-art, 88,000-square-foot, FAA-certified repair facility in Columbus, Ohio.

The extraordinary care of NetJets

Service and maintenance.

Ownership makes all the difference. NetJets continuously invest in newer aircraft and this means built in warrantees and guarantees from the manufacturers. A reliable fleet and strong partnerships with the aircraft manufacturers help ensure our jets meet our exacting standards.
  • As well as holding an EASA Air Operator Certificate, NetJets is certified to the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO). NetJets quality system is certified to ISO9001:2008 and we have also passed the Lufthansa Common Airline Risk Assessment
  • We are always in complete control of our fleet. We never lend our aircraft to other private charters, and our jets are secure at all times, preventing unauthorized access to any part of our operation

Innovative solutions inspire


We’ve spent more than 55 years perfecting private air travel, and we apply that experience and insight to create even better technologies and solutions.
Behind the beauty of our aircraft is the brilliance of our proprietary IntelliJet® II reservation and flight-tracking system. We use decades of historical data to anticipate problems before they occur.
NetJets Operations Centre is in constant communication with our pilots. Our Waypoint app assures they have all the flight, weather and safety data they need, without fail.
Crew rest requirements
We’re the first and only operator in private aviation to monitor and analyse crew member alertness based on circadian rhythms, sleep and travel patterns, and other variables. So that every flight is your pilots’ best flight. NetJets has pioneered the development of a predictive fatigue risk management tool that is unique in private aviation and ensures that your pilots are always fit to fly.
Industry Collaboration
As the largest private aviation company in the world, NetJets often partners with other agencies to develop industry best practice. NetJets won the 2017 Single European Sky Award for Innovation and Technology presented by the EU Commission. We are also involved in the EASA Commercial Air Transport Collaboration Advisory Group and we co-chair two working groups in the European Operators Flight Data Monitoring forum.



With policy changes managed and evaluated by our COVID-19 Joint Response Team, our pandemic precautions take nothing for granted and leave nothing to chance.
Crewmembers practice safe distancing, wear face coverings, and have COVID-19 antibody testing available to them at no cost.
Onboard, crewmembers use hand soaps and sanitisers, disinfecting wipes, and personal protective equipment.
All crew travel
All crew travel is closely monitored; those exposed in any manner are prohibited from entering NetJets facilities and aircraft for 14 days and until they are no longer symptomatic.
Aircraft are clustered at locations with a high volume of crewmembers, so exposure to commercial travel is drastically limited.

A higher standard of privacy, caution, and awareness

Shared Release
Before every departure, we require mutual agreement between our dispatchers and our own pilots before the aircraft is released for take-off. This protocol exceeds standard practice and provides an extra level of caution and safety.
Political awareness
We constantly monitor geopolitics and work closely with intelligence agencies, adjusting to changes that might impact NetJets Owners, crew and aircraft.
Medical preparedness
In the event of an in-flight emergency, NetJets crews connect directly to MedAire, a leading international medical response specialist.
Data security
Our in-house data security teams focus exclusively on protecting Owner information.



  • At many airports, our private boarding lounges eliminate lines and simplify customs. NetJets Owners can enjoy exclusive access to secure, private points of departure
  • Exit your vehicle and board in minutes, or enjoy a beverage or snack while your fellow travellers arrive
  • Passenger travel data is maintained under strict confidentiality

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