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55+ years of unmatched scale and experience, coupled with a solid business model, offer us, and our Owners, financial dependability that is unlike any other in the industry. NetJets’ proprietary fractional jet ownership (or shared ownership) uniquely offers the immediacy, exclusivity, and luxury of whole aircraft ownership without any of the operational complexities and hidden overhead.

How fractional ownership works

  • It starts with a Share
    With NetJets fractional jet ownership, you purchase a portion, or Share, of a specific aircraft. And that Share equals a specific number of hours you can fly in that aircraft type—with the ability to upgrade or downgrade to any other jet in our fleet. Our Owners typically purchase Shares in 25-hour increments with a minimum of 50 hours.
  • Minimal Capital Investment
    A NetJets Share provides the valuable tax benefit of owning a portion of an asset without the large capital outlay. And your investment allows us to continually refresh our inventory, making the NetJets fleet the youngest and best maintained in the world.  
  • Your jet or better
    You're always guaranteed your aircraft or better. Upon request, and with an added fee, you always have the option to upgrade to an aircraft with more seats or longer range. If your aircraft type isn’t available, we provide a similar model or upgrade you to the next cabin class at no additional cost.
  • No positioning fees
    NetJets Owners rarely pay ferry charges—the extra fees most charter companies require to reposition aircraft. Our Ferry Waiver Program simplifies travel and often eliminates this added expense.
  • We hire and maintain
    With NetJets, you’ll never have to hire a staff or crew, pay for maintenance or hangars, negotiate fuel costs, or deal with other time-consuming operational challenges of whole aircraft ownership.
  • The best of all worlds
    Safety, service, access, and convenience. NetJets provides all of this and more. Enjoy having a dedicated Owner Services Team, the cleanest and best-maintained jets in the world, safety protocols that exceed industry standards, jet availability within hours, and a commitment to service and discretion unrivaled in the industry.
    As a NetJets Owner, your investment is secure and your liquidity is guaranteed, now and into the future. In fact, if at any point after three years you choose to opt out of our fractional jet ownership program, we will buy back your share. That’s how confident we are in the long-term future of our service.
Fractional ownership has worked really well for us and the type of business that we have. It was a great solution for us, and I encourage you to do the same.
Steve Phelps, President of NASCAR

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NetJets differs from whole aircraft ownership in significant ways. As you consider your options, it may help if you ask yourself: What’s most important to me, my family, and my business?

Whole Aircraft


Whole Aircraft
- Meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) minimums
- Safety often an "additional responsibility" of a pilot or manager
- Safety spend is a budget item vs. an improvement opportunity
- Third-party audited for a fee, maybe
- Far exceeds FAA minimums
- Dedicated team of in-house safety and maintenance experts
- Industry-leading investment in safety
- FAA audited—SMS Level IV
Whole Aircraft
- Availability issue if pilot is sick or on vacation
- How can you ensure you are hiring the best pilots?
- What is appropriate compensation?
- Most experienced pilots: Our pilots average 7 times the industry standard in flight hours
- Industry-leading, personalized training program that will result in the highest possible standard of crew performance
Whole Aircraft
- One aircraft at a time
- Can access multiple aircraft at the same time
- Guaranteed trip recovery during maintenance
Whole Aircraft
- Aircraft ownership information and recent flight activity data (one to two weeks old) is readily available
- Complete anonymity and discretion—tail numbers never directly associated to passengers
Whole Aircraft
- Impractical and complicated
- Coordinated for you by our International Planning Department
Whole Aircraft
- One aircraft for all missions
- Must pay to reposition/ferry
- Most efficient aircraft choice for the mission
- No repositioning/ferry fees
Whole Aircraft
- Unpredictable
- Determined upfront
Whole Aircraft
- Owner has ultimate responsibility
- NetJets has ultimate responsibility
Whole Aircraft
- Subject to market
- Fair market value on 90 days' notice
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Whole Aircraft Ownership

Private travel is a serious investment, and after more than 55 years leading the private aviation industry, NetJets has encountered several misconceptions about aircraft ownership.

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