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International Travel Tips

An Introduction to Traveling Abroad

With our global fleet, you can fly almost anywhere in the world. Simply schedule international flights the same way you do for domestic travel. Your dedicated Owner Services Team will coordinate all the details of your flight with NetJets International Trip Planning and then email the itinerary to you.


Based on your destination, your Owner Services Team will tell you what additional documentation you need, if necessary, and how to acquire it.

Examples of documentation you may need:
- Overflight permit
- Visa
- Letter of invitation or sponsor letter
- Additional documentation for children
- Documentation for pets

Logistics & Cancellations

It is recommended you be at the airport half an hour prior to departure. This will prevent delays and enable the crew to:
- Load luggage
- Meet customs-related requirements
- Provide a safety briefing
- Prepare to taxi out

Also, we understand that plans change. Just call your Owner Services Team as soon as possible. There will be no cost to you if you give 24 hours’ notice for international flights.
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How soon can I get

to Europe?

We can get you anywhere in Europe with 72 hours’ notice. For most European cities, we require only 48 hours’ notice. That said, because of possible restrictions and permits, please note that all countries require different, and sometimes considerable, notice to grant permission to fly in their airspace. Your Owner Services Team can tell you exactly how much time is needed to book your international flight.
In addition to European destinations, below are several popular international destinations and the corresponding travel notice requirements.
  • Some Canadian cities—12 hours’ notice
  • Colombia—72 hours’ notice
  • India—7 days’ notice
  • Indonesia—4 days’ notice


For international flights, children (and all passengers) will be asked for government-issued photo IDs and passports. If a child is traveling alone or with only one parent/legal guardian, request a Parental Authorization Form from your Owner Services Team. Please return the completed form along with a copy of each passport of both parents or legal guardians to your Owner Services Team. Once you’re cleared for takeoff, learn more about flying with kids aboard all NetJets flights. 
We're Always Here to Help
International travel can be complicated, especially with different rules and regulations for every country. Remember, your dedicated Owner Services Team is available 24/7. Please do not hesitate to rely on them to answer your questions and guide you every step of the way.
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