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Meet Jay Jones

His third birthday cake was adorned with a frosted yellow airplane. His favorite toy? A hand-held plane. As an 18-year-old young man, he gazed up at the aircraft that routinely flew over his house. Even from the ground, he noted their signature scarlet and gray colors; the same distinctive colors that would lead this curious man to flight school at The Ohio State University.
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“That’s why I wear the class ring. It’s a reminder that the success I have achieved professionally was in large part a gift my parents gave me. My job (now) is to be a good steward of those gifts.”
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Discovering NetJets

Determined to pursue a career in flying, Jay started off as a flight instructor at Ohio State and Bolton Field. While he built up his flight time, he performed odd jobs, including fueling and washing the airplanes. Then over the next 14 years, he gained experience across all major segments of flying, including charter, corporate, and a major airline. That’s when he found NetJets, where he was immediately impressed by the world’s largest private aviation company. He recognized that NetJets offered the same extensive training, rigid processes, and tried-and-true procedures as did corporate and major airlines. But instead of following the same flight paths every day, he’d have the opportunity to fly the world's most fascinating people to all different—even hard to get to—airports, each and every day. Fourteen years later, Jay now regularly flies transatlantic routes in the NetJets flagship aircraft.
“It’s rewarding, it’s challenging … and there’s no other place I’d rather be.”
Jay Jones, Global 5000/6000 Training Captain

What it takes to be great

As no two days are the same at NetJets, Jay has found his time here to be extremely exciting. Of course, the challenge of ever-changing time zones and schedules, innovative technology, and working with different types of people adds to the excitement. Jay believes to handle it best, you have to be flexible—yet disciplined enough to change gears calmly—while ensuring you don’t miss anything. That, coupled with professional experience and strong teamwork, leads to good judgment and strong decision-making, whether you’re in the air or on the ground.

Jay also believes a key to his successful development, both personally and professionally, has been the golden rule. He simply treats his Owners, passengers, and all NetJets team members how he would like to be treated, no matter what is going on. He has also learned how to read his passengers. This guides him in delivering the precise level of information, and interaction, they need and desire. This has proven especially important when he has flown nervous passengers. Once he knows someone has a fear of flying, he can do everything possible to make the experience a positive one for them. 

Cross-company support

Jay considers himself extremely lucky to fly amongst the finest pilots around. From the highly technical aspect of flying an aircraft to the interpersonal skill of connecting with the world’s most affluent individuals, NetJets pilots, flight captains, and crew have a complex job. Having all the tools to do it and make it effortless is a testimony to the operational support and training provided by the company.
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“I think what happens in aviation … or whatever endeavor that you feel so passionately about … is that you have this feeling inside you that this is so important that I have to dedicate the rest of my life to it.”
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