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PGA TOUR® Ambassadors have achieved an extraordinary level of success and prestige. With that comes obligations, sponsorships, practice, tournaments—all while making time for family and friends. Their lives are exciting and fast paced, and they constantly have to be in multiple places at once. And NetJets helps make that possible.
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“Every time a PGA TOUR Ambassador boards one of our jets, we strive to offer the most efficient and relaxing way to travel—to the course and home again.”
Patrick Gallagher, President, Sales & Marketing, NetJetsQuote Closed

Flying NetJets allows more

Focus on your game

Effortless Jet Travel

Taking advantage of private travel options like NetJets helps TOUR Pros focus less on the stress of travel and more on their game and obligations—which leads, ultimately, to greater success inside the ropes. The efficiency of reliable private travel puts control back in the hands of the player. And it means returning home as soon as possible.
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“NetJets provides a premium service with ultimate flexibility, setting up our players for success on and off the golf course.”
Brian Oliver, Executive Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, PGA TOUR®Quote Closed
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We offer three different ways to fly with us—a NetJets Share, NetJets Lease, or our jet card programs. Learn more about our program options and select a program that fits your unique travel needs.
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