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Meet Kerrie Florian and Patty Moody

Eight years ago, Kerrie and Patty met at NetJets—and have been best friends ever since. Their individual stories are united by similar experiences and motivations: passion for their careers as pilots, adventurous spirits, and an unwavering commitment to providing the safest, most enjoyable experiences for NetJets Owners. For these reasons, we merged these two incredible stories into one.

Captivated by the Captain’s Chair

Patty clearly recalls the first time she flew. She was in high school and flew on a commercial flight. Inspired by the experience, she asked to see the cockpit. The captain of the US Airways flight let her sit in the captain’s seat, and Patty knew right then that she would someday be a pilot. With a clear vision of her future career, Patty worked hard to achieve her goal. As the first person in her family to fly in an airplane and the first person in her family to go to college, Patty forged her own path. Along the journey, she distinguished herself with a scholarship for flight training at FlightSafety International® and type ratings for a Boeing 737 for American Airlines through Women in Aviation International®.
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“I worked two jobs, and it took me seven years to complete flight school and flight training. I graduated on the dean’s list and paid for all of my tuition and training myself. It has been a hard journey, but very satisfying and worthwhile.”
Patty Moody, NetJets Captain, Citation ExcelQuote Closed

In Her Father’s Footsteps

Kerrie can’t remember a time she wasn’t fascinated by airplanes. Her father introduced her to the aviation industry when she was just six years old. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Kerrie’s father became a corporate pilot for Xerox Corporation. Kerrie has fond memories of visiting the Xerox hangar and sitting in the cockpit of aircraft, pretending to be a pilot.
“My father encouraged me from a very young age to become an accomplished professional in any occupation I chose.”
Kerrie Florian, NetJets First Officer, Citation Latitude
When Kerrie was 12, her father took her to a meeting of young Aviation Explorers. As a shy girl, Kerrie found walking into a room full of young boys intimidating. Not long after, her father introduced her to Susan Duffy, one of Xerox’s first female pilots. Kerrie interviewed Ms. Duffy for her eighth-grade career project. Inspired by her story, Kerrie began researching and preparing herself for a career as a pilot. In 1997, Kerrie graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in aviation management technology along with a commercial and instrument pilot certificate/rating. 
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“It made me so happy that I made my father proud. Since my graduation day, I’ve never stopped pursuing success and enjoyment in my career as a pilot.”
Kerrie Florian, NetJets First Officer, Citation LatitudeQuote Closed

Joining the NetJets Family

When Patty and Kerrie came to NetJets in 2001 and 2006, respectively, they were thrilled to become a part of a world-class company that prioritizes safety at all levels. Patty and Kerrie also found a culture rooted in cooperation and friendliness. This type of culture fostered a camaraderie among NetJets team members that these pilots had not seen elsewhere.
Quote Open“I love being able to fly with friends and meet new people each week. … And the freedom of being in the air is unlike any office you’re ever going to find.”Quote Closed
Patty Moody, NetJets Captain, Citation Excel

Paying it Forward

With 51 years of combined experience, Patty and Kerrie embrace their roles as female pilots in the aviation industry and relish the opportunities to inspire the next generation of women aviators. Kerrie represented NetJets at a recent Women in Aviation International conference and had the opportunity to speak with young women about pursuing a career in aviation. She also inspires young passengers.
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“On one recent flight, an Owner told his young daughter that she, too, could be a pilot when she grows up. Being a female pilot allows me to be a role model for little girls. Having that kind of positive impact on people is very exciting and complimentary.”
Kerrie Florian, NetJets First Officer, Citation LatitudeQuote Closed
Patty is honored to be a role model to her seven-year-old daughter and other young girls. She enjoys showing them that women can be in the aviation industry too. When she’s not flying, Patty is committed to serving her community. Through the Colorado “I Have a Dream” Foundation, she helped her mentee become the first of eight siblings to graduate high school. She also volunteers at a Colorado veterans home with Ernie, her beloved golden retriever.
“For almost two years now, Ernie and I visit and bring smiles to our retired veterans. The vets love to see Ernie, and we love giving back to our veterans who have given so much for our freedom.”
Patty Moody, NetJets Captain, Citation Excel

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