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A Guide to NetJets

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or new to private aviation, NetJets wants to help you understand your options. To assist in your exploration, NetJets offers answers to frequently asked questions that detail the expert safety protocols and highly personalized services synonymous with NetJets.


  • Who is NetJets?
    Beginning as the first private jet charter and management company, NetJets has led the industry for 55+ years. Then in 1984, we revolutionized it with the concept of shared ownership and proceeded to build the largest, most diverse private jet fleet in the world. Today, as a Berkshire Hathaway company, NetJets offers a full range of personalized solutions to meet—and exceed—the incredible needs and high standards of the world’s most discerning travelers.
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  • Why is flying with NetJets advantageous?
    Our commitment to the highest levels of safety, then service, is unmatched in private aviation. From our fleet of over 760 aircraft and our access to more than 5000 airports worldwide to our highly personalized service and generational relationships, NetJets is the ultimate private travel solution. When you are ready to travel again, we want to help you rediscover your favorite places—and perhaps introduce you to some new ones too.
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  • Are private jets safe?
    For 55+ years, NetJets has led the industry in safety standards. Our pilots have more than eight times the industry standard in flight experience, and NetJets is the first private aviation company to reach the highest level of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Safety Management System initiative. In 2020, we made a $20 million+ global investment in our COVID-19 response to protect our Owners, crewmembers, and employees. When taking every precaution matters, NetJets will always be the smart advantage. Because flying with NetJets means peace of mind—and that is the ultimate luxury.
  • How far can a private jet fly?
    From the busiest travel hubs to the shorter runways in the world’s most exclusive destinations, NetJets will get you there. NetJets flies into and out of more than 5,000 airports across 200 countries and territories, which is more than the Top 4 airlines combined. In 2021, we introduced our first Global 7500, with a range of 7,500 nautical miles—the equivalent of flying nonstop from New York to Beijing.
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  • Why should I choose NetJets over charter?
    Private jet charter has a decidedly different business model than does NetJets. With the average charter company operating a fleet of fewer than 10 aircraft, these small operators rely on a network of brokers and charter aggregators to bring their aircraft to market, creating even less transparency regarding who operates the aircraft and to what standards. NetJets owns and operates the largest, most diverse fleet of private jets in the world, offering fractional jet ownership, private jet lease, and jet card programs. With this comes reliable access and a consistent experience on each and every flight. 
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  • What type of aircraft does NetJets fly?
    NetJets’ aircraft are singular in design, luxury, and convenience. We offer 11 superior aircraft models in four luxury cabin classes. From light cabin models designed to land safely at the smallest airports to large cabin aircraft that can transport up to 14 passengers for nearly 7,300 statute miles, NetJets offers an aircraft for every need.
  • How quickly can NetJets prepare for a trip?
    NetJets has the ability to have an aircraft ready with as little as four hours’ notice. Whether you require a quick jaunt from Manhattan to Nantucket or an overseas adventure requiring long-range capabilities, you can rely on NetJets to make the impossible possible.
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  • What is fractional aircraft ownership?
    The NetJets fractional jet ownership (or shared ownership) model provides the immediacy and luxury of whole aircraft ownership without the operational complexities and hidden overhead. Owners purchase a portion, or share, of a specific aircraft. And that share equals a specific number of hours to fly on that aircraft type—with the ability to upgrade or downgrade to any other aircraft in the fleet. Owners typically purchase shares in 25-hour increments with a minimum of 50 hours.
  • Can we fly with our pets?
    NetJets makes every effort to ensure that pets are as comfortable as possible on every flight, because we know pets are part of the family. We have welcomed dogs and cats—even pigs—on board Owner flights. In fact, NetJets flew more than 24,000 pet passengers in 2020.
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  • Is NetJets the right solution for me?
    With a variety of programs to choose from and the ability to personalize our products, NetJets is the ultimate solution to fit any lifestyle and travel need. Choose one of three ways to fly with us: a NetJets ShareTM, NetJets LeaseTM, or NetJets CardTM. Then enjoy the unmatched luxury, convenience, and security that have made NetJets the worldwide leader in private aviation.
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  • How fast is a private jet?
    With a fleet of more than 760 aircraft, NetJets offers a choice of 11 aircraft models in four cabin classes. Small cabin aircraft have a high-speed cruise of 495 miles per hour. Our new large cabin aircraft, the Global 7500, has a high-speed cruise of 593 miles per hour and can fly for up to 16 hours.

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