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July 2019

Announcing Our 100th Cessna Citation Latitude

Insights on our Best-Selling Aircraft
In June 2016, CEO Adam Johnson received the keys to NetJets’ first Cessna Citation Latitude. Now, three years later, NetJets is taking the 100th delivery of this best-selling aircraft—and waiting on 25 more. We proudly celebrated the pivotal arrival at our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, with a water salute, a longstanding aviation tradition.
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“We are committed to providing our Owners with exceptional service and a seamless travel experience, and we look forward to continuing to expand our industry-leading fleet.”
Adam Johnson, Chairman & CEO, NetJetsQuote Closed
As the most in-demand aircraft within the NetJets fleet, the Citation Latitude remains our Owners’ favorite for a reason. Featuring the largest cabin cross-section in our midsize jet class, an expanded refreshment center, and nonstop flights between popular destinations like Teterboro–Palm Beach or Paris–Geneva, this 100th delivery exemplifies a steadfast commitment to exceed Owners’ expectations at every turn, in every way.

By mid-2020, we aim to have 125 Latitudes in service alongside further fleet expansion that will accommodate the needs of our Owners. It’s why we remain the definitive leader in private aviation, ceaselessly offering guaranteed access to the largest, most diverse private jet fleet in the world.
Discover what makes the Cessna Citation Latitude our best-selling aircraft.

The Latitude in Numbers

Quick Facts


The number of passengers NetJets has flown on Cessna Citation Latitudes alone.
With up to seven hours of endurance1 and ample cabin space for seven passengers,2 luxurious cross-country travel is more than comfortable—it’s effortless.


The number of distinct routes our Latitudes have taken. 
Amenities like the NetJets Inflight Entertainment System, NetJets Connects® Text & Talk, Wi-Fi, cabin speakers, and a full refreshment center relax and reenergize Owners throughout each flight.


The number of miles3 traveled on a Citation Latitude’s longest flight. 
From San Francisco, California, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, unparalleled access means our aircraft land in over 3,000 airports across more than 180 countries.


The number of trips around the equator our Latitudes have taken. 
In our best-selling jet alone, more than 95,000 flights have traced Earth’s longest latitude—a testament to the unmatched safety, service, and access that NetJets provides, time and time again.*
1Aircraft endurance approximations are based on zero wind, ISA conditions, no runway or temperature restrictions, and two passengers at long-range cruise speed.
2Up to 8 with belted lavatory.
3Distance is measured in statute miles.
*Statistic includes data from all flights through June 19, 2019.

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