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Since 1997, NetJets and our Owners have supported Corporate Angel Network (CAN) by donating hundreds of flight hours to adult and pediatric patients with cancer traveling to and from treatment programs. In 2018, we enhanced our partnership with this great organization and increased the amount of flights we secure for patients by matching Owner flight-hour donations up to 50 hours annually.


NetJets and our Owners are delivering solace during this time of adversity. Private flights have become even more priceless because the patients who CAN serves are immunocompromised and, therefore, at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19. More than ever, we are proud of this partnership, and we are also humbled by the generosity of our Owners. One recent recipient who spent months in a treatment center and whose health was far too delicate to fly commercially was afforded the opportunity to travel home with NetJets.
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“After a three-month clinical trial for an aggressive form of breast cancer, and a subsequent major surgery at the onset of a pandemic, arriving home safely seemed almost impossible. The care and expertise in travel that we experienced today was unparalleled. The words 'thank you' seem to fall short. Nevertheless, the word 'Angel' is very appropriate in completing your mission. Today, we were truly blessed.”
Corporate Angel Network recipient, March 2020Quote Closed


Many patients supported by CAN live in remote locations, making it challenging to access major airports. Private jet travel makes it possible for patients to arrive closer to medical centers and return to an FBO that’s closer to home. Private travel also alleviates the physical stress and exposure of going through commercial airports. By giving Corporate Angel Network access to more flying opportunities, we’re able to give patients with cancer increased access to the best treatment programs—ultimately, increasing their chances to defeat the disease.
Through our partnership, we coordinate full flight operations for Corporate Angel Network, allowing them to quickly and frequently secure and position flights for patient travel. We’ve also leveraged hospitality partnerships with Marriott International Inc., Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and Hilton Hotels and Resorts, and ground transportation partnerships with EmpireCLS® and BLS® to provide free lodging and ground transportation when possible. With their generous support, these enhancements will have a massive impact on the lives of patients and families served by Corporate Angel Network.
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“Corporate Angel Network is an extraordinary organization that makes it possible for patients with cancer to get the life-saving treatment they need. As a parent, I can only imagine how devastating it is to care for a sick child while dealing with the many challenges and obstacles that can interrupt access to medical care. It is our privilege to support the incredible efforts of Corporate Angel Network by providing expanded access to flight operations.”  
Adam Johnson, Chairman and CEO, NetJetsQuote Closed
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All images and videos were captured prior to COVID-19. NetJets is currently following all CDC guidelines.

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