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October 2018


Focusing on safety above all else
As the Carolinas prepped for the predicted 130 mph winds and 36 inches of rain (which is equal to about eight months of rain in only five days), we were also actively preparing for Hurricane Florence. Efficiently reacting to a storm of that magnitude took precise, practiced collaboration from across the business.

NetJets Meteorology

Our in-house Meteorology Team began tracking Hurricane Florence more than seven days out—and provided updates daily on the projected path and strength of the storm. As the impact zone became clearer, the trips that would be impacted were identified as quickly as possible.

Operations + Owner Services

We proactively realigned resources in the Flight Center. A “war room” was established, consisting of Flight Center volunteers who became responsible for monitoring the storm 24/7. They tracked the hurricane and reported on its impact to Owner flights and airport availability. 

Owner Trip Notifications were emailed, and specially created video briefings were posted on the Owner Portal—which was updated daily with the location and impact of the storm. Next, we activated our SigOps (Significant Operations) process that identifies No-Fly and Operations Restricted Zones to ensure our flights remained clear of the adverse weather. The storm blocked the common routes between Florida and the Northeast, so our Dispatch Team re-routed Owner flights along a safe path to the north and west of the storm track.
Through all of these efforts, our goal remained the same: to keep our Owners and crew safe while effectively meeting our Owners’ needs.
And we succeeded 100%.

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