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July 2017

NetJets and Ohio State University

A Partnership to Shape the Future of Aviation
The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies turns 100 this year, and NetJets is thrilled to help celebrate this monumental anniversary. Not only are many NetJets team members across the organization OSU alumni, but for many years, NetJets has supported this premier aviation school by donating retired aircraft for training purposes, and by making generous monetary gifts to fund ongoing aviation research.

Over the years, we’ve proudly participated at OSU’s annual aviation job fair. Together we’ve built a remarkable internship program where NetJets welcomes OSU’s most promising students to our home office for a semester of real problem solving, true business engagements and a final presentation to our Executive Leadership Team. The result has been the start of an exciting career at NetJets for several of these extraordinary graduates.

As we move forward together, we’ve introduced key members of OSU’s research team to the FAA for work on the NextGen satellite-based navigation project. OSU’s work with the new software will earn them a patent for their cutting-edge technology—and NetJets will earn a seat in future aeronautics conversations.

From business and project management challenges to technology advancements and philanthropic endeavors, we look forward to collaborating with OSU for years to come as we continue discovering ways to revolutionize the future of aviation.

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