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February 2019

What Happens Before Takeoff?

Ensuring Safety with Proven Processes and Expertise
Best-in-Class Pilots

Flight safety aboard our aircraft begins with unmatched pilot expertise. We hire only the most experienced pilots, which means our pilots average well above the industry-required flight hours. And while many of our pilots are adept at flying multiple types of aircraft, we have them focus their expertise on a single type of aircraft. So, we can truly say no one knows that aircraft better than its pilots and crew.

Meet Our Crewmembers

We hire only the most experienced, best-trained individuals in the industry. Arrow Right Icon

Cutting-Edge Avionics

NetJets crews fly aircraft that are among the most reliable and most advanced in the skies today. We purchase and operate the finest aircraft from the top aircraft manufacturers in the world and equip each new aircraft with state-of-the-art safety devices. Every jet in our fleet upholds the highest standards of airplane safety inside and out.

Preflight Safety Procedures

Upon arrival, the flight crew will check IDs while our pilots and crew conduct preflight inspections and safety checks in coordination with the NetJets Meteorology, Dispatch, and other expert teams. Your pilot and crew will personally welcome you aboard your aircraft and review your flight plan with you. After you get settled in and oriented with the aircraft’s comfort and entertainment features, the crew will provide safety instructions and prepare for takeoff.

Industry-Leading Safety Procedures

At NetJets, pilots are the final authorities concerning whether it is safe to fly. Without exception, the system we have created ensures that a pilot can never be pressured to take off when he or she feels it would jeopardize safety. It’s important to note that NetJets uniquely requires dual-release dispatch, an extra safety precaution that ensures no flight leaves without the approval of both our pilots and our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-licensed dispatchers.

We also are constantly monitoring and analyzing crewmember alertness based on circadian rhythms, sleep and travel patterns, and other variables. This ensures every flight is your pilots’ best flight. And if for any personal reason a pilot or crewmember does not feel it is safe for them to fly, they are completely supported in their decision not to fly.

Flight Support and Training

NetJets pilots have an incredible support system that remains in contact with them—prior to and throughout the flight. This includes FAA-licensed aircraft dispatchers; FAA-approved, in-house meteorologists; flight planners; dedicated Owner Services Teams; and more.

Although the industry requires pilots to train once a year, we require our pilots to return twice a year to FlightSafety International®, the world’s pre-eminent flight training provider. During this classroom instruction and rigorous training in full-motion flight simulators, crews are able to practice—and perfect—real-life situations. Training includes Flight Operations Quality Assurance, a voluntary safety program that captures, records, and analyzes flight parameters to identify trends and potential safety hazards.

These proven processes and procedures exemplify our dedication to safety and ensure we continually improve and perfect every aspect of our time in the sky. While our goal is to provide our Owners with exceptional experiences on every flight, we will continue to lead the industry with an unparalleled focus on the safety of our Owners, pilots, and crew. So, rest assured, when you are a part of the NetJets family, you are—without a doubt—in the very best of care.

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