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Safety Management System

Cultivating a strong safety culture

At NetJets, we don’t just have certificates on our walls and recurring training. Every day, every person in our organization—whether a member of the crew or of the Marketing, Finance, or Human Resources Teams—is responsible for safety and making smart decisions about safety. When the accountability is spread throughout an operation like this, it becomes a part of doing business, and it becomes a part of our company culture. 

What Is Safety Management?

NetJets is the first and only private aviation company to reach the highest level of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Management System initiative. We have multiple programs in place that demonstrate our investment in safety, and collectively, these form our Safety Management System (SMS). This systematic approach to procedures, practices, and policies is designed for the management of safety risk. It’s also a formal, top-down, organizationwide approach to managing safety risk and assuring the effectiveness of safety risk controls. 
Our SMS provides the following to both NetJets and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):
  • Formalized policies to encourage and support safety reporting even if the topic involves individual error
  • A structured means of risk management and decision making
  • Structured safety-assurance processes
  • Ongoing safety promotion for all employees
  • An effective interface for knowledge sharing between regulator and certificate holder
We are united in our belief that safety is the most important luxury we can offer our Owners. That’s precisely why, although recognition of an SMS is becoming a standard throughout the aviation industry, NetJets is unique in the way we prioritize SMS and other safety programs. 
"Safety is part of our company's DNA. It's not just a word. It's a philosophical foundation of the company."
Alan Bobo, Chief Operating Officer, NetJets

Why We Believe In It

An SMS is only as good as the company makes it. While many organizations promote that they have an SMS, many have simply paid a consultant to develop a manual. However, a manual does not make a company safe. But a culture does. This is why we believe in continually investing in safety, along with living what we believe every single day. We believe this is the smartest way to influence the safety margins on every flight. At NetJets, our focus on safety permeates every decision and every investment. And it’s this uncompromising commitment to safety that truly sets us apart. 

Want to learn more?

Visit the Safety section of our website or use the contact information below to speak with a NetJets Sales Executive who would be happy to answer your safety-related questions.

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