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Meet Shawn Roods

When Shawn gets home from work as a pilot, the first thing he wants to do is get into his own aircraft and cruise the expansive Montana countryside. He compares it to the feeling of freedom one gets from a motorcycle ride on a two-lane country road—it’s an opportunity to relax, unwind, and recharge. And, it clearly works.

A naturally warm and genuine individual, Shawn exudes a passion for life, family, and flying. Shawn’s love of flying started early, when a friend’s dad, who was a captain on a 747, took Shawn up in a Cessna 180. “He told me to take the controls,” Shawn remembers. “I was hooked.”

Safety Is Everything

For Shawn, safety is deeply rooted in his identity as a pilot. His grandfather, the other pilot in the family, flew in World War II and told Shawn, “There’s old pilots. And there’s bold pilots. But there aren’t old, bold pilots.” Shawn has carried these words with him throughout his career—one that is built on ensuring every flight is the safest flight.

His long and distinguished career as a pilot began in 1989 and afforded him the opportunity to fly a range of aircraft for a variety of companies and individuals. From commercial airlines to charter and private, Shawn has flown them all. When Shawn came to NetJets in 2005, it was because he wanted to fly with the best and safest in the industry.
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“I love my job. I’m going to do everything I can to make it enjoyable and safe for every Owner.”
Shawn Roods, Global 5000/6000 Training CaptainQuote Closed
When Shawn joined the NetJets team, he immediately experienced NetJets’ uncompromising commitment to safety that is built into every aspect of the company. From how NetJets maintains its aircraft to how pilots and crew are trained and how flight schedules ensure pilots and crew are well-rested—safety is at the forefront. Shawn says that there is an immediate sense of trust and confidence between NetJets pilots because they know they all have the same expert training. As a NetJets Global Instructor, Shawn has the opportunity to share his passion for flying and safety with all NetJets pilots.
“I love teaching people to fly. I want all pilots to excel in the NetJets fleet.”
Shawn Roods, Global 5000/6000 Training Captain

Sincere Hospitality and Service

Shawn welcomes Owners aboard their aircraft with a warm, effortless friendliness, reassuring everyone that they are in good hands. He’s particularly considerate of Owners who may be apprehensive about flying, letting them know that he would never do anything to put anyone in an unsafe situation and that NetJets pilots pride themselves on making the best judgment calls. After all, he has a family to go home to, too.
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“I love providing the service Owners desire—and exceeding their expectations on every flight.”
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