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Together with our sister companies, NetJets meets the unique travel needs of every person and business.
You may know that NetJets is the leading name in private aviation. You may know that our state-the-art fleet is by far and away the largest and most advanced in the industry. You may even know that our shared ownership model revolutionised business travel— and blazed a trail for the sharing economy the world now takes for granted.

But did you know that NetJets has sister companies that lead the way in charter air travel, plane management, whole aircraft ownership, and personal security? Find out how our 360-degree portfolio is tailored to meet every possible aviation need.


The original private aviation pioneer

NetJets' range of services and benefits is broad and diverse, from minimal notice aircraft availability and world-leading caterers to vast Ferry Waiver Zones and access to more than 5,000 airports globally. But the entire NetJets operation is centered on one goal: providing the ultimate private aviation experience each and every time. 
Here's how:
NetJets Share
Become a NetJets Owners with our signature programme, the single most cost-effective private aviation solution for individuals or businesses that fly 50 or more hours annually.

NetJets Lease
Lease time on the world-leading NetJets fleet and enjoy similar benefits to NetJets Owners—but without the need for an initial capital outlay.

Jet Card Programmes
Want to pay as you go? Make a single upfront payment for up to 25 flight hours you can use with as little as 24 hours' notice each time. Luxury at the drop of a hat.

Executive Jet Management: Charter flights and more

Executive Jet Management (EJM) and NetJets are cut from the same cloth. Both are industry leaders that offer unrivalled fleets, the most experienced pilots, and unparalleled access to airports across the world. The difference is that EJM specialises in private charter flights, providing real-time quotes for any one-off or occasional travel need— complete with 24/7 personalised service and an effortless booking process.

If you own your aircraft, EJM also happens to be the world's largest aircraft management company. Enjoy the ultimate peace of mind whether you need a turnkey solution (including scheduling, dispatch, and maintenance) or a charter-managed solution (your flight department leases your aircraft to our charter team when available, minimising idle time and costs). Both programmes leverage the world's largest private aviation infrastructure to drive savings in fuel (up to 25%), crew training (up to 35%), maintenance (up to 30%), and crew travel (up to 60%).

The top aircraft brokerage

QS Partners

As a NetJets subsidiary tasked with continually refreshing NetJets' 750+ aircraft, QS Partners buys and sells more airplanes than any other private aviation company. In other words, if you own or are considering owning whole aircraft—whether for business or personal use—QS Partners is the only name you need to know.

Buy, Update or Transition

QS Partners provides exceptional brokerage services to individuals and businesses that want to buy for the first time, upgrade to a larger aircraft, or transition out of ownership because their flying patterns have changed. Whether its consulting on pre-purchase oversight, delivery and completion support, or aircraft valuations, QS Partners uses its unique experience as a high-volume seller to maximise value (and minimise stress) for its clients

QS Security Services

Rounding out our 360-degree portfolio, QS Security Services offers unparalleled personal protection for high-profile travellers. Introduced in December 2019, this innovative service offers NetJets Owners 24-hour access to an international network of safety experts, from secure ground transportation specialists to close-protection agents and medically trained personnel.

QS Security Services is a natural enhancement to NetJets, sharing our unwavering commitment to safety and service. We're now able to extend a customised range of elite services to meet our Owners' unique safety requirements—all while preserving their time, their productivity, and their enjoyment.

Explore the Possibilities

We have the right solution to fit your unique travel needs. Become a NetJets Owner today!
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