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January 2022

Coronavirus Precautions

Health and Well-Being Is Our Primary Focus
Safety is, and always will be, our top priority. Since the onset of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, our primary focus has been keeping our Owners and employees healthy and safe.

We are carefully monitoring all international restrictions and continue to identify how we can best support your travel requirements. For an overview of the restrictions in place, we encourage you to speak with our team or visit the IATA website.


While flying private (and avoiding crowded commercial airports) already provides a level of protection, our Operations Team and Safety and Security Team have developed a comprehensive plan to guide our response to the coronavirus. It includes the following:

- Pre-flight screening: Our Owner Services Team review all flight details and request additional information concerning your previous and future travel plans and ensure all medically appropriate questions regarding potential exposure and symptoms are addressed before the flight. No recently exposed or symptomatic passengers are authorised to travel on NetJets’ aircraft. Onboard thermometers are available for passenger checks if deemed appropriate.

- Aircraft cleaning: Since the pandemic began, we have invested approximately $20M in our global response to COVID-19. All aircraft interiors are treated with an antimicrobial bar­rier that bonds to surfaces providing lasting protection from various bacteria, germs, and viruses like COVID-19. Its durability comes from the molecular bond it forms with surfaces once cured; however, as a safeguard, NetJets reapplies the product frequently.

To prevent viral spread and ensure passengers board a pristine, mission-ready aircraft, surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each flight. Any NetJets aircraft that return from a region identified by EASA as a high-risk area are immediately quarantined and disinfected.

- Crewmembers: To minimise the risk of crewmember—and therefore, Owner—exposure to the coronavirus, all crewmember travel is closely monitored. Morning and evening, or more frequent, health and temperature checks are recommended as well as the usage of masks for all flights. A concentrated focus on social distancing at all times is a key element of our operation.

- MedAire: Through our partnership with MedAire, our Owners, employees, and operations are being supported by expert medical advice. This includes advice on cleaning practices and measures to be taken by our crewmembers. MedAire is included in regular meetings with NetJets’ leadership to ensure close monitoring of the evolving situation and to provide relevant operational information and the latest recommendations for safeguarding the health of our Owners, employees, and partners.

- Employee greeting etiquette: To minimise the risk of exposure, the avoidance of handshakes between our crewmembers, Owners, and any supplier is recommended.

- Employee awareness: A panel of experts updates our employees daily on the evolving situation, relevant operational information, and recommendations for safekeeping.
The welfare of our Owners and employees is of the utmost importance. 
As the leader in private aviation, we are dedicated to creating an effortless private travel experience. Our Owners can rest assured that we are taking a strong stance to keep them safe. If you have any questions or concerns about the measures we are taking to protect those in our care, please reach out to a NetJets Sales Executive.

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