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How the pandemic is changing perceptions of private aviation

Global events put commercial airlines and private operators in stark contrast

Throughout its history, business aviation has been perceived in many different ways. For some, it is a privilege available to just a lucky few. For others, it is a vital part of empowering executives to be where they need to be and do what they need to do.

But the COVID-19 pandemic is changing everything, including the way employees, press, and the public perceive private air travel. In essence, businesses are now acknowledged as having a duty of care to their executives – and when it comes to travel, NetJets assumes that duty as our own.

Business never stops

Commercial airports have come to a grinding halt in recent months, with mass flight cancellations throwing even the best-laid plans into disarray. In contrast, NetJets' state-of-the-art fleet has continued to take to the skies with a series of stringent health and safety measures.

Also, a survey by the National Business Aviation Association reported that two-thirds (66%) of business flyers were more productive in a private jet than in the office. In comparison, nearly 86% say they are less productive on commercial flights, compared to when working in their offices.

Business, after all, goes on. The fluctuating global economy is giving executive decision-makers plenty to think about – and plenty of executive decisions to make. Although teleconferencing is being widely used to facilitate certain meetings and presentations, some occasions simply have to be in-person. That's when NetJets' seamless operation and unrivalled reach become priceless assets for any corporation.

Genuine 24/7 availability

In this uncertain era, corporate plans, projections, and timelines are more fluid than ever before. Unfortunately, even prior to the pandemic, it was a challenge to schedule commercial or charter air travel to fit a precise schedule. Now that COVID-19 has taken its toll on international travel, it's virtually impossible for businesses to get their executives exactly where they need to be.

NetJets has the scale, experience, and expertise to keep Owners on time, en route, and one step ahead of the game – even as the pandemic continues to change the world on an almost daily basis.

A different kind of in-flight experience

Onboard the aircraft is where the differences between commercial aviation and private aviation are most pronounced. With huge passenger jets configured to fit as many people as possible, commercial airlines simply aren't equipped to mitigate the risks of COVID-19.

NetJets Owners can expect an entirely different experience. Crews undergo frequent health and temperature checks, and wear personal protective equipment on all flights. Aircraft are cleaned after every flight with disinfectant fluid proven to be effective against COVID-19, and a deep clean is scheduled every two days with authorised cleaning vendors.
Finally, many air travellers assume the same cabin air is simply re-circulated for the duration of their entire flight. In fact, NetJets' aircraft replace cabin air with fresh, outside air every two-to-four minutes. For comparison, most office buildings only do this every 15 to 20 minutes.

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