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June 2017


So I joined quite a long time ago, in 2004. I decided that I needed a private method of transportation. I didn’t want to use any corporate assets to get from one place to the other on my private activities. And I wanted to be able to do it quickly because time was of the essence, so I’ve used it a lot to fly to my other house which is in Venice, Italy. So one thing led to another and so I kept upgrading the contract. I started with a card and then I became on Owner for Citation XL and I was an Owner for the Citation for a long time – I think maybe I went through a couple of planes. And then I went onto a Phenom, which was ideal for me. So I used it to travel around Europe both on my private business and on my vacations…and I like it very much. It’s easy to get in and out of the airport, I find going through airports takes a lot of time if you are going commercially and it almost doubles the amount of time you have to spend on a reasonably short haul flight. 

What’s your favourite thing about NetJets?
If you were to recommend NetJets to a friend, what would you say?
Well first of all, I have always found the people on the ground and in the air (the pilots) absolutely ready to be in service at all times and to be mindful of what you need and very polite and charming. They’re never stressed, never worried… and some things go wrong, you know, airports close, there are delays, the radar doesn’t work on the ground in some places, or there’s a hole in the runway and somehow NetJets always manages to make it work. I’ve never had a situation where NetJets have made a mistake. And again, the ability to turn up at an airport within 10 minutes of a flight, get on the plane, and if things work, immediately take off and then land at the other end and immediately leave the airport. There’s no waste of time and that’s really very good, especially on short haul.

So I guess it gives you the freedom and flexibility you need, especially for your business.
Well yes, and just for my peace of mind. I always think this is the greatest luxury I indulge in – the ability to, in a certain way, be able to control your time. You can’t control all of it because you are in the hands of very complex systems. Air travel is very complex. And I also, of course, can take people with me – not just my partner, but also friends and can help make their lives a bit easier too. 

How important to you is safety?
Very important. Obviously, with my business background, I’ve been in very high risk, but very safe businesses so I fully appreciate the need to be very systematic, to think about processes, safety, and personal safety at all times. And it is one of the reasons why I picked NetJets. There is absolutely no compromise in this area. It is the first and single most important thing.  

What is your favourite aircraft?
Well I very much like the new Phenom 300. It is a very good plane for short haul flying. It’s very modern, very efficient and very well designed interior, so I like it a lot. I think for a very long flight, I have different favourite planes. And I very much like the Citation XL, I still like it actually. It is a very nice plane. 

How do you spend your time on board?
Well I usually read, almost certainly use the time, because it is a very quiet time, to read probably business papers. Otherwise I thoroughly read the newspaper – which is a great privilege when you have time to really read newspapers from the front page to the back page, rather than skim them as we all do probably during the day.
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I always think this is the greatest luxury I indulge in – the ability to, in a certain way, be able to control your time.
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