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Masters of Champagne

A taste experience from NetJets
If it’s your dream to fly on a private jet, you’ll want to enjoy everything the experience has to offer: first-class service, unparalleled comfort, Michelin-star cuisine. But, most importantly, you’ll want to be doing all this with a glass of the world’s best Champagne in your hand.

We at NetJets are Masters of Champagne, and we’d like to take you on a journey.

When you’re drinking your in-flight Krug Grande Cruvée, you’re doing so much more than enjoying fine wine. You’re embarking on a multi-sensory experience.

You’re sipping the sky.

Every taste of your Champagne triggers a fresh new flavour sensation, amplified and enhanced by sensory cues taken in from your surroundings. When you’re on a jet, it could be anything from the soft lighting in the cabin or the quality of the air around you to the soothing jazz playing in the background. Before that delicious syrup hits your palette, your experience has been defined by your environment. 

Your journey awaits. Prepare for take-off.


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Read the highlights from our ‘Masters of Champagne’ series here.
  • High-pitched noises, piano melodies and smooth, flowing legato music give Champagne a sweeter flavour.
  • White noise diminishes the taste buds, which is why jets with quieter engines, such as the Bombardier Global 6000 jet, allow passengers to enjoy Champagne to its fullest.
  • High altitudes reduce our ability to taste sweet and salty foods by 30% –but factors such as the way you hold your glass and pour your Champagne can recapture lost flavour.
  • The real flavour of Champagne lies in the bubbles –tilt your glass at a slant to release the most bubbles and amplify your tasting experience.
  • Red and blue lighting improve the taste of Champagne, making it sweeter and fruitier.
  • Smell makes up 80% of taste but high altitudes dull the senses, so being surrounded by a pleasant fragrance and fresh, clean air is important when enjoying in-flight Champagne.
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