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August 2018


The world’s greatest superyacht event returns to Monaco this September. During the four-day show, over 30,000 visitors and 120 superyachts are welcomed into the iconic Port Hercules. The event will see a mix of industry influencers, yacht owners, builders and designers congregate to celebrate the superyacht lifestyle.

Superyacht owners have been choosing NetJets to reach their yachts and remove the hassle of multiple connecting flights. Enjoy the pleasures of some of the world’s yachting hotspots with the ease and convenience that only NetJets can provide. With the largest private jet fleet in the world, the possibilities really are endless. From seaside jaunts in the Mediterranean to remote holidays on hard-to-reach Caribbean islands, your yacht is never more than a phone call away, thanks to the unparalleled service and flexibility of NetJets.

Riza Tansu - Superyacht designer and NetJets owner for 5 years

Riza Tansu is the owner & founder of Tansu Yachts, a Turkish superyacht design firm. Having previously worked in an interior design business, Riza started Tansu Yachts in 1996 after seeing a potential gap in the market. At the time, most companies were simply creating copies of existing yacht designs. Tansu Yachts launched their first yacht, the 23.6 metre Troy Explorer modelled on the design of a Pacific Northwest trawler, to great acclaim in 1998. One of the yachts designed and built by Riza and his team, the 43.7m Cyclone, will be on display at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show following its sale back in July. Riza describes his style as “simple, no ornamentation and nothing fancy. We believe the elegance of minimum”. He says that “I find flying privately very inspiring. I always sketch, and that lifestyle inspires me a lot and really kick-starts me for my projects. It adds a lot to what I’m doing”. He finds “the way NetJets operate is so welcoming and convenient. The pilot doesn’t leave you until you’re sitting in your car. Everything is really welcoming!”.
Quote Open“NetJets is essential to my business. In summer time, I have boats all over the Mediterranean and I use NetJets to fly between my yachts and visit clients. To get between these locations in the quickest time possible I often have to travel to small and remote airports that you can only reach with NetJets” Quote Closed
Riza Tansu
Mediterranean Destinations
With NetJets hard to reach Mediterranean destinations become easily accessible.
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