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September 2019

Wi-Fi On Board the NetJets Fleet

Stay Connected in the Clouds
We know how important it is to our Owners that they stay connected in the clouds. This is why we’re proud to offer on board Wi-Fi connectivity across the NetJets fleet and continue to invest in the very latest technology.

While inflight internet Wi-Fi for passenger usage across Europe has developed rapidly over recent years, current speeds and technology are still relatively slow compared to the USA. This is because while the USA has access to ground antenna infrastructure, Europe still relies on satellite-based connectivity. Europe has only very recently finalised its ground antenna infrastructure which is currently only available for commercial aviation (due to the heavy and space-consuming equipment required).

The good news is that advances are being made and we are continually investing in the latest technological improvements in this area. We are also in the process of upgrading the Wi-Fi across our fleet to become part of the new European Aviation Network (EAN) of connectivity which will allow us to deliver 4G capabilities in the air, an offering unmatched in private aviation.

Wi-Fi connectivity on board the NetJets Europe fleet

Wi-Fi is currently available in the Phenom 300, Citation Latitude, Challenger 350 and Global 6000.

The first three models have a satellite-based connectivity with a shared bandwidth going up to max speeds of up to 0.43Mb per second (depending on the aircraft type) while the Global 6000 is equipped with a new satellite solution called Ka-Band. Ka-Band allows for internet speeds that are ten times faster than the previous solution, going up to 4Mbp/s. It allows good internet browsing, including streaming or file download, and provides better coverage than SwiftBroadBand, specifically over Greenland. This is a very positive development as this area is mainly flown over during international flights on long range cabins. Due to the size and weight of the equipment, this solution is only available on large cabin aircraft like the G6000.

How reliable is the Wi-Fi connection?

While NetJets has the best solution currently available for business jets, technology is still improving.

On board Wi-Fi speed and connection depend on a number of factors. Weather conditions, the number of users in the aircraft, antenna elevation angles, and location within the beam of satellite can all influence connectivity speed and performance.

Wi-Fi bandwidth is shared among all aircraft in a given air space, so the more aircraft using the same Wi-Fi signal, the slower the overall experience for all users. As a result, the slowest connection is found in the most congested areas, such as western Europe and North Atlantic routes.

How to improve your connection

If you are experiencing slow internet, there are several things that may improve your connection:
  • Disconnect any unused devices from the aircraft Wi-Fi network. Even if you’re not actively using a device, it is using bandwidth through programmed activities such as photo backups and app updates.
  • Engaging in a variety of internet dependent activities at the same time slows all activities down. For example, if you’re trying to download a file while internet browsing and refreshing your Outlook, the same amount of bandwidth is being shared across all activities, and the overall experience will be slower.
  • Skip VPN if possible. VPN connections are necessary to remotely connect to most work environments, but they also slow down Wi-Fi speed significantly.

What can Owners download and stream in flight?

Owners can download content from email and websites. Unfortunately, it is not possible to download apps, movies and other bandwidth intensive items on any aircraft except the Global 6000. We recommend downloading any apps or entertainment prior to your flight or enjoying the NetJets Inflight Entertainment onboard any of our aircraft.
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