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Pilot Training at NetJets

Behind the scenes

At NetJets, we have an uncompromising commitment to Safety. For our pilots this begins with a rigorous selection process, comprising of “National Carrier” standard aptitude and psychometric testing as well as a simulator assessment conducted by our own Instructors to confirm competence. Only then are these already experienced pilots accepted for Operator Conversion Training with NetJets.

Thereafter our cadre of approximately 600 pilots receive ongoing training of the very highest standard, above and beyond the strict regulatory requirements applicable to commercial airlines. In short, nobody cares or invests more, partnering with Flight Safety International (FSI) to provide an industry leading simulator training programme, as well as essential classroom and practical Ground Refresher Training given by our own instructors at our dedicated training centre in Adroana.

Find out more about the specifics of our training:

An Overview of NetJets Pilot Training

NetJets trains all pilots in accordance with EASA regulations for commercial airlines. All pilots are required to complete the following:
  • All new pilots, regardless of previous command experience, start their NetJets career as a First Officer before assuming the responsibilities of a Pilot in Command.
  • Before being released as a Captain, all pilots must pass the NetJets in-house Command Course, which includes ground school, simulator training and checking on the aircraft. To be eligible for the Command Course our pilots must have completed a minimum of 3,000 hours of flight time, versus the 1,500 required by commercial regulation and have passed a panel interview and written assessment.
  • Training is continual. Every six months all NetJets pilots train in state-of-the-art simulators that hone their knowledge and test their skills in highly challenging real-world scenarios. They complete a minimum of 24 hours simulator time a year, which is well above the airline average.
  • Every year, all NetJets pilots also receive theoretical and practical training in First Aid, Safety and Emergency Procedures, Security, Safety and Crew Resource Management.
  • Good training requires checking and standardisation to ensure competence and drive continuous improvement, so every pilot undergoes an annual Line Check whilst conducting normal flight duties.

Location Specific Training

In addition to their routine training, NetJets pilots receive specific simulator training for operations into mountainous airports such as Sion, Samedan, Lugano, Innsbruck and Chambery. This is completed in the simulator at least once a year for each airport, with additional training sessions dedicated to this activity. NetJets pilots also receive training for other special airports, such as London City. All these programmes are developed by our own senior Examiners and Instructors, working closely in collaboration with the local Airport Authorities to ensure our pilots are fully confident and prepared when flying into our more demanding airports.

Travel in Confidence

All of our training programmes are fully approved and audited by the relevant National Authorities and you can rest assured that our commitment to the highest quality training for our crew members is unwavering.
Travel with NetJets in complete confidence and comfort knowing you’re in safe hands.

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