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The St. Moritz Snow Polo World Cup

Fascinating Facts About ‘The Wimbledon Of Polo’

Synonymous with luxury, style and elegance, St. Moritz is home to spectacular natural beauty, some of the best skiing in the Alpes and, of course, the Snow Polo World Cup.

The Snow Polo World Cup was first held on the frozen lake of St. Moritz in 1985 becoming the world’s first official snow polo competition. Since then, it has established itself as world-famous event, attracting the global elite of polo and the world’s wealthiest and most influential spectators for a weekend of revelry and excitement.

For three days in a row, four teams of 16 players compete for the coveted Cartier Trophy over a weekend of champagne-fuelled black-tie gala dinners, cocktail receptions and other luxury events.

Here are just some of the most remarkable facts concerning the Snow Polo World Cup:


Polo is one of the world’s oldest sports
The first form was originated by mounted nomads in Central Asia who played a version of the game that was part sport and part training for war.


Traditional polo first arrived in St. Moritz around 1899
When the British Cavalry built the first polo field in St. Moritz. This was followed by the founding of the St. Moritz Polo Club in 1959.


St. Moritz is considered the birthplace of snow polo
The sport was invented by CEO Reto Gaudenzi and Hanspeter Danuser, the famed tourism director of St. Moritz, in 1983 (Gaudenzi, or the ‘Godfather of Snow Polo’, is still the event’s organiser today).


The first Snow Polo tournament took place in January 1985
In a snow blizzard on a small field and the event has now become the only polo tournament in the world played on a frozen lake.


Players may use several ponies per polo match
The average for snow polo is usually five or more per player, per match.


During polo matches
The ponies are protected by various pieces of equipment. For example, bandages on each leg offer protection from accidental knocks with balls and sticks while special snow polo shoes with a rubber tubing are used to prevent the build-up of snow.


Polo players
Oddly enough, all polo players are required to hold the polo stick with their right hand, even if they are naturally left-handed. It is illegal to change hands, so players are forced to learn how to play right-handed.

NetJets and The Snow Polo World Cup

NetJets is a proud sponsor of the St. Moritz Snow Polo World Cup, hosting an exclusive Owner dinner at the prestigious Badrutt’s Palace in 2019.

This year, Owners are invited to attend the 2020 World Cup taking place from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th of January. Guests will receive VIP tickets, granting them access to the VIP Grand Stand (and the best seats in the house).

Fly directly into Samedan airport with NetJets, just 5 kilometres from St. Moritz, with our luxurious fleet of private jets. Samedan is an important winter destination for NetJets and is one of the airports that best demonstrates the benefits of our service – it only a 10-minute drive from St Moritz, while the nearest commercial airport is 3-hours’ drive away.

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