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March 2019

How can the weather impact my private jet flight?

Our exceptional team of in-house meteorologists work around the clock to analyse weather forecasts and review every single flight in detail.
In general, meteorologists study the variables in atmosphere and how they combine to dictate the weather forecast for us here on the ground. Aviation meteorologists, however, don’t just focus on the weather on the ground, but also throughout the sky where aircraft travel every day.
Aviation forecasts focus on weather that could impact or threaten aircraft on the ground as well as while in flight. These forecasts include things like:
  • Winds speed and direction at ground level and at all altitudes throughout the atmosphere
  • Wind shear and turbulence
  • Icing (the build-up of ice on and aircraft)
  • Thunderstorm activity
  • Low visibility and cloud cover
  • Precipitation on the ground: snow, ice, or rain
  • Extreme temperatures on the ground
  • Particles in the air such as dust or volcanic ash
Any of these weather phenomena can be hazardous to flight activity and meteorologist use a wide variety of data to monitor, forecast and keep track of these conditions, including weather radar, satellite images, reports from other aircraft, and observations from airports. Sophisticated computer models provide data looking into the future to allow meteorologist to create forecasts in advance of

The NetJets Meteorology Team

To ensure a safe and comfortable flight for Owners without delays, the NetJets Meteorology Team works tirelessly around the clock to stay ahead of every flight plan.

We are the only private aviation company with full-time, in-house meteorologists working at least 36 hours in advance to analyse the weather forecast and review every flight in detail. This allows us to provide accurate, up-to-date information to our Owners, warning them of any potential weather disruptions to their flight and providing alternative suggestions to meet their needs and schedules. For example, changing the time of the flight by a few hours or using an alternative airport so that you can arrive safely, comfortably and in the right time. Our team is committed not only to thorough monitoring but providing effective solutions and alternatives.

In the NetJets Flight Center, cross-functional collaboration naturally occurs while our meteorologists work alongside other operations staff. Together, the NetJets team can assess Owner preferences and needs to provide fully personalised solutions.

Once flights take off, our meteorologists continue to give pilots and dispatchers up-to-the-minute weather reports by capturing and interpreting data from state-of-the-art equipment.
Our exceptional meteorology team is just another example of the ways in which we’re committed to your safety and comfort.