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December 2021


This has truly been a historical year in private aviation. While the strain of unprecedented flight demand has caused a ripple of new challenges across the industry, it has also fuelled incredible growth and innovation. Here is a closer look at the forward-thinking actions we have taken, as well as predictions for 2022.


NetJets responds to record demand by focusing on service to our Owners.
  • At NetJets, we are now operating at 30% more flight volume than we did prior to the pandemic. Meanwhile, we are taking progressive steps to preserve the exceptional service our Owners expect and deserve. Specifically, this means growing our fleet, gaining new talent, streamlining operations, and being more selective in the products we sell.
  • Many operators have been inclined to increase their fleet size, but none are doing it at quite the same rate as NetJets. We paused aircraft disposals, accelerated deliveries where possible, and utilised the entire production capacity of the world-class manufacturers we partner with. Our highlights include the following:
    • 28+ new aircraft will be delivered over the course of 2021 and 2022 – including the Bombardier Challenger 650, our newest addition to the European fleet
    • Our new flagship, the Bombardier Global 7500, was delivered to the U.S. in December – with more to come in 2022
    • Up to 100 Phenom 300Es will be delivered to the U.S. and Europe 
  • To support the increase in Owners and flights, we are recruiting more than 170 of the brightest, most experienced individuals the industry has to offer, 110 of whom are pilots. Recruiting will continue into 2022. 
  • Purposefully building for the future, we have made a significant investment in new facilities. This includes large-scale hangars across the United States and Europe, including California, Colorado, Texas, Florida and Paris. In Europe we are happy to announce our new Maintenance Service Hub in Le Bourget; this is a regional facility that allows us to service and stock aircraft where we have the greatest flight volume. It has also been successful in providing Owners with seamless access to their jets. We have been thoughtfully expanding the program in key markets. To offer premium service and enhance our Owners’ experience at their most visited locations, we are growing our list of dedicated Owner lounges in the U.S. and Europe.
  • With regards to Sales, in 2021 we have temporary put all jet card requests on a waiting list, which has resulted in a welcome relief on fleet demand. As the rest of the industry appears to be prioritising profit over customer satisfaction, we are proud to be able to put our focus on protecting the exceptional travel experience we offer our Owners. 
  • In 2021, we became the first private aviation company to buy a stake in the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) when we partnered with WasteFuel, a next-generation waste-to-fuel business that converts municipal waste into SAF. SAF produces up to 80% less carbon emission over its entire lifecycle compared to traditional jet fuel, and together with WasteFuel we will establish up to five biorefineries where solid waste management is a major problem, starting in Manilla, Philippines. 

    We are incredibly proud of our Global Sustainability Programme efforts which include the following:
    • In just one year, our programme has yielded over 166,000 gallons of SAF purchased by NetJets Europe through our book-and-claim system
    • Our Owners have contributed 10,000,000+ euros towards climate action projects



Results that celebrate our growth and success
  • 600,000+ PASSENGERS

    Flown globally in the last year

    Delivered globally in 2021 and 2022

    Our annual global response to COVID-19
  • 170+ NEW HIRES IN EUROPE IN 2021

    With recruiting to continue in 2022


Looking ahead with optimism
Explore our 2022 plans and industry insights.

Projected Growth

The past two years have proven NetJets’ financial health and confirmed that we have the best model in private aviation. Today, we are looking forward to continued growth and welcoming new Owners. We are expecting strong growth in sales to continue in 2022 with the arrival of the Bombardier Challenger 650 to complete our full product line.

The Future of Private Aviation

We are grateful for our progress toward a more environmentally friendly future. We hope our actions inspire others in the industry to establish–or increase–their own green initiatives, and we hope our Owners continue to opt in to our Blue Skies programme. Meanwhile, we believe travellers will continue to prioritise convenience and, more importantly, their health and safety. Of course, we always say safety is our top priority, and we believe that our actions during this pandemic have proven it. We continue to invest more than 17 million euros annually into our global response to COVID-19. 

We anticipate more individuals, families, and businesses will continue to invest in private aviation for the countless advantages, conveniences and reliability it provides. As a result, we will all need to continue to adapt.

We have also noticed the lines between business and leisure travel have become innertwined, with travellers enjoying the company of their families while continuing their workday in flight. We believe this behaviour requires increased personalisation and flexibility. At NetJets, we do this with practiced ease. 
We have made several changes to our program to ensure that our Owners can reliably plan for their travel needs into 2022 and beyond. For a personal consultation with one of our private aviation experts, please fill out the below.

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