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February 2019

Delivering Innovation with NextGen

Improving flight technology
NetJets is always forward-thinking to ensure our aircraft perform above and beyond expectations. We do not accept the conventional when it comes to our fleet.

As the worldwide leader in private aviation, we are paving the way in the evolution of flight by utilizing new technologies and through our work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). NetJets has partnered with the FAA since 2008 to transform and modernize the U.S. air transportation system in four areas through an initiative called The Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen).

NextGen is an FAA program designed to progress the country’s National Airspace System by increasing the safety, efficiency, capacity, and predictability of flight. The FAA is requiring most operators to have one NextGen component, Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B), installed in its aircraft operating in the U.S. by January 1, 2020.

ADS-B broadcasts an aircraft’s position to air traffic control by using data generated from the inflight satellite-based GPS navigation system almost every second, compared with traditional radar from the ground that takes five to 12 seconds. This translates into improved efficiencies, especially in busy terminal areas such as New York, Chicago, and Southern California.

The NetJets Advantage

This new technology will provide greater precision and flexibility, reduce travel time, and improve aircraft performance, including reductions of fuel burn, exhaust, and noise. The management of the ADS-B equipment installation on all of our aircraft is just one more example of the NetJets advantage.
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“Our efforts eliminate the responsibilities associated with whole aircraft ownership. We ensure our fleet meets or exceeds federal regulations, so the Owner experience is effortless. We are proud to be the leader in private aviation that is investing in NextGen projects.”
Richard Buergel, Director, Flight Technical Programs, NetJets Quote Closed

At NetJets, safety innovation matters. Learn more about the safety precautions we take that allow NetJets to stand apart from other private aviation operators. Arrow Right Icon

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