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October 2018


Building on the overwhelming popularity of the Citation Latitude® and the historical success of the Citation Sovereign® and Citation X® programs, we are taking steps to further cement our long-term partnership with Textron Aviation. Our new agreement will give us the ability to add up to 175 super-midsize Citation Longitude® aircraft as well as up to 150 of the new large cabin Citation Hemisphere® to our fleet. 
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“As the worldwide leader in private aviation, we seek out products that raise the bar and deliver an exceptional travel experience to our Owners and their passengers…”
Adam Johnson, Chairman and CEO, NetJetsQuote Closed

A Long-Standing Partnership

NetJets + Cessna

Our partnership with Textron Aviation began more than 30 years ago when we began offering the industry-leading Citation SII. Since then, NetJets has owned and operated nearly 500 Citations including the Citation Latitude, Citation Sovereign, and Citation XLS. While we’ve recently placed an order for our 100th Citation Latitude, we are forecasting delivery of our first Citation Longitude in the second half of 2019, with more to come in the next 10 to 15 years.


Citation Longitude

  • 8 Passengers
  • up to 7:45 Hours1
  • 112 ft3 Baggage
MAXIMUM ADVANTAGES IN A LUXURIOUS PRIVATE JETReach your destination with ease aboard the Cessna Citation Longitude. Its range and speed will make it the perfect super-midsize private jet for a coast-to-coast flight or a trip to Hawaii. This magnificent private jet is already renowned for having the quietest cabin in its class. Together with its ample legroom and sizeable windows, this aircraft will create a very restful travel experience for our Owners.
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Cessna Citation Longitude

  • 8 Passengers
  • up to7:45 Hours1
  • 112 ft3 Baggage
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“We are proud to expand our relationship with NetJets once again through this significant milestone for the Citation Longitude and Citation Hemisphere…Through its class-leading performance, operating efficiency, and quietest cabin experience in its category, the Citation Longitude redefines the super-midsize segment. The Citation Hemisphere will follow with its revolutionary approach to performance and the large cabin experience.”
Scott Donnelly, Chairman, President and CEO, Textron Inc.Quote Closed

A Collaboration Like Never Before

Cessna Citation Hemisphere

We have identified a strong demand at the entry-level of the large cabin segment. For this reason, we are looking forward to becoming a launch customer for Textron Aviation’s largest-ever business jet, the Citation Hemisphere. We will work closely with them—the first collaboration of this kind—to develop a large cabin aircraft that meets the highest safety and performance standards consistent with our Owners’ expectations.
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“…We see the same revolutionary attributes of the Citation Latitude and Longitude in the Citation Hemisphere and are delighted to become its launch customer. The Hemisphere delivers long overdue innovation to the large-cabin category. We look forward to working with Textron Aviation to lead the industry and launch an aircraft that marks yet another new chapter in NetJets—and aviation—history.”
Adam Johnson, Chairman and CEO, NetJetsQuote Closed
We have entered into an agreement that provides the ability to acquire up to 150 Citation Hemispheres. The first flight of the Citation Hemisphere is expected in 2020, with Federal Aviation Administration certification and first deliveries expected in 2025. We believe that the Hemisphere will become a class-leading product, with the performance, cabin comfort, and efficiency that our Owners appreciate and that Textron Aviation is known for.

Learn more about the Citation Hemisphere

With a range of 4,500 nautical miles, the Hemisphere will connect important city pairs such as New York to London or Seattle to Maui. Multiple-zone cabin configurations deliver the widest cabin in its class at 8.5 feet, and showcase exceptional style and quality with fit and finishes flexible enough to meet a wide array of operator needs. The aircraft’s cabin altitude of 5,000 ft ensures passengers arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.
1. Aircraft endurance approximations are based on zero wind, ISA conditions, no runway or temperature restrictions, and two passengers at long-range cruise speed.

All statistics are accurate as of October 2018.