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February 2021

NetJets + WasteFuel

Investing in a New Partnership and a Sustainable Future
As the leader in private aviation, we are deeply invested in advancing sustainability across the industry. After launching our expanded Global Sustainability Program in October of last year, the opportunity to invest in the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) was a natural—and significant—next step in our plans to lower our carbon footprint. We have made a significant investment in WasteFuel®, a next-generation waste-to-fuel business that uses proven technology to convert municipal waste into SAF. We are extremely proud to be the first private aviation company to buy a stake in the production of SAF. We have committed to purchasing a minimum of 100 million gallons of WasteFuel’s SAF over the next 10 years.
Quote Open“Our waste can be our fuel. Our partnership with NetJets and Prime Infra marks the beginning of a bold new era in travel—beginning the hard work of making aviation truly sustainable.”Quote Closed
Trevor Neilson, Chairman and CEO of WasteFuel



NetJets will partner with WasteFuel and leading infrastructure developer Prime Infra to develop biorefineries in locations where solid waste management is a major problem. The first biorefinery will be in Manila, Philippines, and is slated to be operational in 2025. WasteFuel’s SAF, which has proven to be highly efficient and safe in NetJets aircraft, is anticipated to be imported to Los Angeles and distributed across our network. Beyond this, NetJets and WasteFuel also have plans to develop four more biorefineries for other locations in the coming years. 
  • Globally, municipal solid waste landfills are the third-largest source of methane
  • Methane gas is more than 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide at warming the Earth over 20 years
  • At full capacity, the new biorefinery will convert 1 million tons of municipal waste into 30 million gallons of SAF annually
  • Compared with fossil fuel-based aviation fuels, WasteFuel’s SAF will result in at least an 80% reduction in carbon emissions
Quote Open
“Developing and operating a biorefinery that will convert solid waste into SAF will make a big impact in reducing solid waste and ensuing environmental and health hazards, landfill emissions, and fossil fuel use. An added bonus of the development of the biorefinery is the job creation for the local community.”
Guillaume Lucci, President and COO of Prime InfraQuote Closed

Our Dedication to


As the worldwide leader in private aviation, we recognize our environmental impact and are taking bold steps forward to lessen our footprint. This includes a multi-tiered program and five employee-led committees, each with a distinct focus on helping align our business to sustainable principles and processes. 

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